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Gin Menu

Welcome to our Gin menu, this page is designed to show you what we have on the bar. Our gin menu changes regularly with new additions weekly and monthly, and we always have a gin of the month on special offer. Our friendly staff are happy to help whether you are a gin aficionado or never had gin in your life.


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Scroll down to see a full list of gins we are currently stocking, as well as those gins currently in our bargain bin





Garnish with blueberries

recommended with Prosecco - £12.25 Now £10.50

Inc lemonade was £6.95 Now £4.75



Garnished with celery

Inc fever tree was £5.95 Now £3.75



Garnished with plum & cinnamon

Inc fever tree was £6..75 NOW £4.45

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All Gins

BATH TUB – Garnished with orange & cinnamon

A wonderfully exciting gin, key note being juniper but the use of spice botanics (coriander, cloves and cardamom) adds a

great depth.

Neat - £4.25, recommended with Double Dutch - £6.75


BLOOM LONDON DRY GIN – Garnished with strawberries

Infused with natural floral notes, hints of sun-warmed honeysuckle and chamomile, making it incredibly delicate on your

tongue. .

Neat - £3.25, recommended with Double Dutch Premium - £5.75


BOMBAY SAPHIRE – Garnished with lime

Distilled with 10 botanics and using a vapour infused process gives this gin a distinctive, light, slightly sweet

aromatic flavour.

Neat - £3.15, recommended with Fever Tree - £5.35


BOE PEACH & HIBISCUS – Garnished with flowers

With a tanginess and berry-rich flavour of hibiscus giving a fruity, flowery aroma and taste.

Neat - £2.75, recommended with Prosecco £10.25


EDINBURGH RHUBARB & GINGER – Garnished with rhubarb & ginger

Tangy spring crop rhubarb macerated with oriental ginger and lemon zest is infused into this gin to create a nostalgic

inducing rose hued tipple.

Neat - £4.50, recommended with Elderflower Fever Tree - £6.70


EDINBURGH SEASIDE GIN – Garnished with a sprig of rosemary

A limited edition boasting a collection of native Scottish botanicals, foraged from the coastline. A soft mineral gin

with sweet notes

Neat £4.80, recommended with Fever Tree - £7.00


FIFTY/50 GIN – Garnished with lemon & cinnamon

A different gin that has been matured for 20 years firstly in virgin oak casks, to infuse sweet vanilla, ginger and oak

flavours. The second 10 years in ex whisky casks. Giving it a unique taste of both gin and whiskey

Neat - £6.50, recommended with Ginger Ale - £8.70


GIN MARE – Garnished with basil leaves

With aromas of rosemary and olives it has all the taste of the Mediterranean

Neat - £4.95, recommended with Fever Tree - £7.15


HENDRICKS – Garnished with cucumber

Infused with rose and cucumber. Hendrick’s wondrous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds

from around the world.

Neat - £3.75, recommended with Fever Tree - £5.95


HOLMFIRTH DIVINE GIN – Garnished with lemon & lime

Divine Gin Bold & fresh multi-faceted charismatic gin, delivering a sensational taste. Crisp, dry & zesty. Simply. ‘GIN


Neat - £4.65, recommended with Double Dutch Premium - £7.15


HOOTING OWL SOUTH YORK’S GIN – garnished with mint & rosemary

Inspired by the famous Barnsley Chop the mix of botanicals give this an earthy smooth flavour packed ‘herby’ gin

Neat - £4.50, recommended with Fever Tree - £6.70


JAPANESE NIKKI COFFEY – Garnished with apple & pink peppercorn

Creamy lemon, soon joined by almost tropical fruit sweetness.

This is well-balanced by peppercorn, pine and fennel.

Neat - £4.80, recommended with Japanese Tonic - £7.00


JAWBOX PINEAPPLE & GINGER – Garnished with lime

Bursting with juicy pineapple flavours that immediately transport you to the sunshine - subtle ginger spice and intense


Neat - £3.75, recommended with Ginger Ale - £5.95


MALFY BLOOD ORANGE – Garnished with orange

Refreshing citrus sweetness, with a helping of vanilla. Using Sicilian blood oranges to give it a sweet, juicy flavour

Neat - £4.75, recommended with Fever Tree - £6.95


MALFY LEMON – Garnished with lemon

Using a selection of coastal grown Italian lemons, some from Amalfi and some from Sicily give the gin a beautiful fresh

and zesty aroma.

Neat - £4.75, recommended with Fever Tree - £6.95


MALFY PINK GRAPEFRUIT – Garnished with grapefruit

Enjoy this burst of Italian sunshine made from the peel of Sicilian pink grapefruit, Italian juniper, rhubarb and 4 more


Neat - £4.75, recommended with Fever Tree - £6.95


MOMBASA CLUB STRAWBERRY – Garnish with Strawberry

This is a sweet juicy gin featuring strawberries to its core. Perfect for the summer months

Neat - £3.65, recommended with Fever Tree - £5.85


MOORES OF WARWICK – garnished with lemon & rosemary

From a tiny distillery in Warwick this is a beautifully soft, smooth gin.

A soft spicy flavour with a hint of sweetness

Neat - £4.80, recommended with Fever Tree - £7.00


PEAKY BLINDERS SPICED DRY GIN – Garnished with orange & cloves

Ginger and black pepper make for a spicy opening which is well balanced with citrus

Neat - £3.50, recommended with Fever Tree - £5.70


SAFFRON – Best served neat

It is a deep orange colour with the aroma of mandarin which is bursting with flavour. A soft mouth feel with a

restrained and slightly delayed saffron taste.

Best served neat 25ml - £3.00 50ml - £5.80


SHEFFIELD DRY GIN – Garnished with orange

Using a unique blend of Sheffield water, and a range of locally sourced botanics including ‘Hendersons Relish’ making

this a true Sheffield gin.

Neat - £4.45, recommended with Fever Tree - £6.65


SLINGSBY GOOSEBERRY – Garnished with raspberry

A wonderful lip smacking, refreshing fruit filled taste of summer.

Another winner from Slingsby

Neat - £4.95, recommended with Fever Tree - £7.15


SLINGSBY RHUBARB – Garnished with rhubarb

Featuring a huge 24 botanicals most local to Harrogate and using Wakefield rhubarb this gin takes you right back to the

sweetie shop!!

Neat - £4.95, recommended with Elderflower Fever Tree - £7.15














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With bold tones of raspberry, blackcurrant, redcurrant and strawberry on the tastebuds, a true berry medly

Neat - £4.00, recommended with Elderflower Fever Tree - £6.20


ZING 72 – Garnish with lemon & blueberries
Handcrafted in the south of France using winter wheat, fresh local herbs, spices and botanicals to create an aromatic gin full of character and flavour Neat - £4.75, recommended with Elderflower Fever Tree - £6.95


ZYMURGORIUM MARMALADE – Garnish with orange & mint

A real citrus-fest, this gin is bursting with tangy flavours of tangerine, lime, lemon and Seville oranges plus

Madagascan vanilla.

Neat - £3.50, recommended with Elderflower tonic - £5.70


ZYMURGORIUM SWEET VIOLET – Garnish with flowers

The sweet violets used to create this beautiful gin liqueur give it a sweet pastel flavour and strong violet aroma. Add

prosecco and go to heaven.

Neat - £2.95, recommended with Prosecco - £10.45, lemonade - £4.95


If you don’t want the recommended tonic these are what we keep in stock

Fever Tree Light £2.20

Fever Tree Mediterranean £2.20

Fever Tree Elderflower £2.20

Double Dutch Premium £2.50

Ginger Beer £2.20

Or be daring and try them with Prosecco £7.50

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